Avos D. Behind the Scenes

Avos Design the formal design company of Artist ‘Avos D’.  Avos Design was started in 2010. Avos Design was incorporated in 2014.

The name: The Russian avos’ (Russian: русский авось) describes a philosophy of behavior, or attitude, of a person who ignores possible problems or hassles and, at the same time, expects or hopes for no negative results or consequences. It is an attitude that treats life as unpredictable and holds that the best one can do is count on luck.[1][2]
It represents ungrounded optimism and can be summarized as “Whatever, I’m sure I’ll get lucky”.

The Philosophy behind it :
Art is more to me than a hobby it is a way of life. An expression, or way to bring a little bit of spark or beauty into the world. Art like life should be handled as the beautiful series of randomly orchestrated events they are. Everything in life does not make sense immediately, but it plays a purpose, just like my art. Every piece is unique and has its very own meaning.
I am into Abstract modern art, and my creations reflect that as well as that pure soul that emanates from within the vision that drives their creation.
Avos Design is a professional design company with extensive experience in Painting, (acrylic and oils), mixed media, woodwork, leatherwork, some metal work, as well as digital graphic design and print media for promo items etc.  Along with that Avos Design has years of experience in website design, web content management, Digital media and related arts, etc.
‘Avos D’, the founding artist behind Avos Design LLC also takes part in artistic endeavors such as high end fashion modeling shoots, other professional modeling events as well as themed modeling, as well as involved in the full planning and design of costumes and sets.

I, Avos D, am always expanding my range of work and experimenting with new forms of art and expression.

Take a peek into my world and feel free to contact me!

– Avos D.

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