Making Cute RV Spice Holders with lettering

Here’s a fun & quick way I found to keep my Spices Organized while on the road in my Airstream!

The need :

I had limited space in my Airstream RV, but loved to cook.   Needed a solution on how to keep all the spices.


1)  I purchased some glass jars I found at (XXX)

2)  Soaked the jars in hotwater, then vinegar, then used a scraper to attempt to get the labels off!  Yikes!  It was a challenge.  Eventually i came to the conclusion, VERY hot water soak (w/ vinegar in the water).   Then as they are still melty feeling, I used my kobalt scrapper (XXX) to scrape them off.

3) Wiped clean with a baby wipe (a towel soaked in a rubbing alcohol or windex type solution should work just fine) to remove the remaining residue.

4) Use permanent marker to label spice jars & add your spices!! 🙂