About the Studio

Avos Design is a creative design studio.  Encompassing an extensive repertoire of Fine contemporary art techniques, mixed with a colorful modern abstract approach applied as a viewpoint for our Paintings, Photography, as well as every design detail.  Pulling inspiration from the natural world, avant garde, classical masters, and the mind’s eye, Avos Design creations take a different approach, but always satisfies.

Quick Synopsis & History behind:  Avos Design started meagerly in 2010.  Then went on to eventually incorporate in 2014.  Bringing art and design together, along with creative collaborations, make avos design an all encompassing thing.
The name: The Russian avos’ (Russian: русский авось) describes a philosophy of behavior, or attitude, of a person who ignores possible problems or hassles and, at the same time, expects or hopes for no negative results or consequences. It is an attitude that treats life as unpredictable and holds that the best one can do is count on luck.[1][2]  It represents ungrounded optimism and can be summarized as “Whatever, I’m sure I’ll get lucky”.

As a creative consultancy firm we work with a variety of designers, artists and creative types for all sorts of projects.  From Art, Videography, Music, Mixed Media, Advertising and Game Design.  Let’s get creative ;P