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2018_USMS_Jazz_and_BluesEvents, pinned | March 31, 2018

2018 South Mississippi Jazz and Blue Festival

Avos Design is back for a second year at t he beautiful Southern Miss Campus in Long Beach, MS right on the coast 10am to 5pm. Come down and join us for a family friendly jazz and blue Festival with live music and an Easter Egg Hunt at 11am.

About the artist
Avos D, international artist, designer, model and traveler shares her story. Learn more about the woman that is behind Avos Design.
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In the Paint | March 28, 2017
Creating Vintage Chick

In Chalmette Louisiana, I started thinking about the old matchbook girls.  Where did they go?  How can I incorporate that idea into my modeling or painting? An Idea was born.

Photography | March 21, 2017
Photography placeholder

Photos, photography tips, talking about photography.

In the Paint | March 21, 2017
In the paint placeholder

There is always Art, painting and other behind the scenes of creation going on at Avos Design's creative building. If we don't walk out covered in paint or tired from

Health | March 21, 2017
Cooking Placeholder

Category for cooking and recipes

Airstream & Travel | March 21, 2017
Making Cute RV Spice Holders with lettering

Here's a fun & quick way I found to keep my Spices Organized while on the road in my Airstream! The need : I had limited space in my Airstream

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Events, pinned | March 31, 2018 2018 South Mississippi Jazz and Blue Festival

Avos Design is back for

Events | March 30, 2017 Arts in the Pass 2017 : Avos D’s acrylic & oil modern art

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