Creating Vintage Chick

In Chalmette Louisiana, I started thinking about the old matchbook girls.  Where did they go?  How can I incorporate that idea into my modeling or painting?

An Idea was born.  I pulled out my hand stretched canvas (premade a week earlier) (Primed & Gessoed by me as well).
I sketched my initial idea, very roughly with my drawing pencils, and got to work.


I started to work in a way that was a little unorthodoxed for even me.
I started from the outside edges in.  (Usually I work in a layered approach from far to near view).
As I got a clearer picture of what I saw in my head, I kept adding details.

It felt rough on the edges, but still very clear to me. SO I proceeded.


BLUE…BLACK…GRAY tones… added some contour and space to the piece.

Here’s the piece almost halfway through (few days later).   As you can see she is starting to look like a girl.  lol haha.
She’s feeling more playful too.


In this last image, you can see the next level, closer to completion.  I added more layers, and more details all about, continuing with the vintage-esque twist on her.
Refined the girl, refined the edges, feathered her skin tones.
Added some shadows and by now getting a feel for the direction this painting is taking.

I think she turned out magnificent. And resonates the feeling & message I wanted to get across!

About AvosD

Avos D is the creative muse behind Avos Design and an avid designer of all things. Whens she's not painting or creating she's traveling. Follow her on social media for one heck of a ride.